A Dong Plastic is one of the leading plastic pots companies in Vietnam, specializing in manufacturing and trading of simple plastic pots, bonsai pots, high-tech plastic, household plastic, especially design and manufacturing. creating mold for plastic industry.

With a team of employees, skilled experts in the field of modeling and engineering plastic injection, along with the right investment strategy, know how to apply new science and technology and boldly invest in modern and quality equipment. product designs have been constantly improved and improved, the blowing – injection molding machine lines as well as CNC machines … continuously imported from Japan, Taiwan … to create increasingly diverse and rich products.

The main products of our company.

  1. Helmets
  2. Plastic pots, bonsai pots
  3. Vehicle assembly components

With the efforts over the years, Dong A Plastic has won the trust of domestic customers. We always hope that, Asia East is always a reliable place for domestic and foreign investors to seek cooperation.

Hotline: 0903 863 253